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Wikidata Query Service results should be capable of displaying a report title (new feature request)
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WDQS report results, and especially those from embedded queries, would benefit from the ability to provide a title describing the contents of the report.

This is especially the case given the availability of the 'Short URL to result', which provides a link to an embed.html version of the report.

Consider$ ... what is it a report of? If you know how to get to the SPARQL and can understand it, you're good. If not then the report, without context, is mostly useless.

So, this feature request is for the provision of a Title parameter that can be included with the WDQS SPARQL (e.g. #title= ), allowing a title string to be associated with the SPARQL such that the title is displayed on report output - both when the output is viewed within the WDQS editing screen, and when the output is viewed via an embed.html rendition.

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I would like to be able to display a title too.

The best thing we have so far is to add a comment. Perhaps we could do something similar to #defaultView: for titles, e.g. #queryTitle:?