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Make helm chart template in deployment-charts support local development
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The deployment-charts repo contains some templates and scripts to assist in creating new charts. The chart outputs from running the script don't really support local development because they don't allow configuration for mounting shared volumes, exposing multiple ports (such as for debugging), or having different container run commands.

If we agree that the deployment-charts repo should support both development and production purposes, we should update the chart templates in the _scaffold directory to do so.

In addition to the above work, when we are ready to support kubernetes development for the services with already existing charts, we should update their charts appropriately. This might also require changes to any values files, etc. that exist for deployments currently.

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Change 519485 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jeena Huneidi; owner: Jeena Huneidi):
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Give scaffold template configuration options for dev purposes

thcipriani triaged this task as Medium priority.
thcipriani added a project: serviceops-radar.
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Assigning to @jeena since she already has an initial patchset. Adding serviceops-radar since folks on their team will likely be reviewing (thanks @akosiaris for the current review on the patchset)

Change 519485 merged by Alexandros Kosiaris:
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Give scaffold template configuration options for dev purposes