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UploadWizard: "learn more" link not removed when all statements are removed
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Steps to reproduce:

  • upload a new image via UploadWizard
  • click on 'add statement'
  • choose a property
  • add a value for the property
  • note that 'remove all' and 'learn more' appear
  • click the trash can or 'remove all' to remove the value
  • the value and 'remove all' both disappear, but 'learn more' persists ... it should also disappear

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FYI, this is related to T224249, and actually if that ticket is fully implemented, this one may no longer be relevant anyway :)

Key points:

  • As mentioned in T224249, we want the panel to go away if there are no more values in it (with the exception of depicts, which will be ever present
  • Learn more is a bit tricky in general. Right now, all Learn More links go to depicts. We have to decide if we're going to allow community to define Learn more per statement, or only have it for depicts. I think for now we should only have it for depicts.

I'd suggest killing this ticket and just focusing on T224249 as the source of truth for the topic of how remove all should work, and T227226 for "Learn More" stuff.

Ok cool, marking as invalid in favour of the other tickets