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Anchor tag surrounding a thumbnail's img tag no longer has a title attribute.
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The <a> tag surrounding a thumbnail's <img> tag no longer has a title attribute. This is true for inline images as well as floating thumbnails.

[[Image:Foo.jpg|123px]] used to generate

<a href="" class="image" title="File:Foo.jpg"><img alt="Foo.jpg" src="" width="123" height="81" /></a>

but now generates

<a href="" class="image"><img alt="Foo.jpg" src="" width="123" height="81" /></a>

this is inconsistent with other types of links, which all do have a title attribute. Also, a tooltip showing the image's name on hover is quite useful. The alt attribute on the img tag does not accomplish this reliably (no effect in FF3 at least), and is not intended for this purpose.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: normal