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Replace “Place of residence” with something more relevant
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Nclm reported that "place of residence" is not a very good wording. I copy here his message

A little suggestion: I’m French, and after 25+ years of living in France, I happen to have been living in Copenhagen for the past two years, which is completely irrelevant concerning the variant of the French language I use. Still, when LinguaLibre asked me for my “Place of residence”, I said “Denmark”. I recorded one word as a test a few days ago. Now the recording has been automatically added to its corresponding Wiktionary entry with the label “Royaume du Danemark (Danemark)”, which is quite absurd and is giving a confusing information to the readers of Wiktionary. I would suggest removing “Place of residence”, or replacing it with “Home country” or “Place where you mainly learned your language” or something similar (that said, none of these two fit everyone’s life story either).

In addition, I wonder if the automatic upload to Wiktionary should happen. What if I record some words in English? (my browser is set in English so I was automatically going to record words in English before I realised it didn’t make much sense). I’m not sure entries from ”English for France” are that relevant on Wiktionary. Maybe it should only automatically upload clips from the countries that have this particular language as an official language (from Wikidata information)? On top of that, my recording was not that great (I have to set up my microphone better or remove the noise in post-prod), so I wonder if uploading many mediocre clips without listening to them “manually” first might diminish the quality of the dictionary.

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During the Wikiconvention francophone 2019, it has been proposed not to limit the place of learning to only one. For some users, it may be relevant to set several places of learning for a given language.

It has also been proposed to add another paramter that would be "parent language" and maybe their own places of learning.

@Pamputt By "parent language", do you mean the native language / mother tongue ?

As far as I remember, yes it means "mother tongue", maybe @Opsylac remembers this discussion during the Wikiconvention.

@Pamputt We currently collect two kind of data : where the speaker lives currently and, for each language, where he/she learned it.

With my understanding of the initial issue exposed in the description, if we change the bot in a way that it adds the place where the language was learned (which is already collected) instead of the place of residence, will it solve the problem?
If we do so, we could maybe completely remove the place of residence field? Or is it usefull for something else?

We should keep in mind that we have choosen to make those personal data optional (for privacy concerns), and if we want contributors to add them, it should be in my opinion as simple as possible.

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This is why I believe an accent code would be useful. Where a person lives or learned a language is not the same as the accent. Accent is more related to how a person learned to speak. We can keep where the speaker lives currently and, for each language, where the speaker learned it, but we also need an accent option.