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Use Structured data for recordings on Commons
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As proposed by @Lea_Lacroix_WMDE on Meta about a solution to "Display recordings with an order based on geolocalization on the Wiktionary", it would be very interesting to use Structured Data for recordings that are uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
I added some structured data on File:LL-Guilhelma-fr-eau.wav just to give one example.
We have to think about all the properties we may use for a recording.

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@Pamputt Are the properties usable for audio files defined now? Last time I checked it was still a work in progress.
If so, could you list them all down here for reference?

From my personal item, here is the list of all properties and their corresponding Wikidata ones

I have created a property proposal for "language level" (P16) on Wikidata.

Concerning _P15_, I think we should decide what to do with T227959 .

@Pamputt I'm not sure the "linked user" property would be usefull on Commons, imho the LL property P5 "speaker" is more relevant. A property P823 (speaker)" exists on Wikidata, but it only accepts items. Thus, is it relevant to create wikidata items for each speakers? Here are also some side-implications:

  • "place of residence" and "sex or gender" would go there instead of in the SDoC
  • Some wikimedians have WD items, we would have to create a way to link it with their LL profile
  • Is it permited to create an item on WD for a speaker who only has very few records?
  • Accepting audio records for anonymous user is under discussion, could this data model also be adapted for them?

In addition, here are all properties that can be used on a record item on Lingua libre (not already listed above):

The following properties are used to link a record with a page on a wikimedia project, would they be usefull on Commons?

Futhermore, we could add some more properties :

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