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Convert Convert2Wiki to use extension registration
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Although just shows a website using this extension and no maintenance, appart from the libup stuff have been done for some time, so we might want to archive it instead if you think it'd be better.

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Change 523786 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mainframe98; owner: Mainframe98):
[mediawiki/extensions/Convert2Wiki@master] [DNM] Testing for T228148

I did an install and found the following issues, that make me advise archival:

  • I18n, while present, is not loaded, resulting in ⧼convert2wiki⧽ shown.
  • The special page itself is not translatable, the text is hardcoded in Convert2WikiSpecial.php.
  • Rather than adding all necessary classes to the MediaWiki autoloader, this extension manually registers a new autoloader to load its classes, in a weird way that isn't obvious to me why you'd do that. There is no comment indicating why.
  • Usage of deprecated global $wgAjaxExportList.
  • No maintenance or updates have been done after the initial import.
  • Only reported usage is a 1.26 wiki.
  • Dropdowns on Special:Convert2Wiki do not work.
  • Console reports TypeError: Cannot read property 'wikiScript' of undefined at convert2wiki.js:48
  • The special page does not work at all, no submit button or anything. It seems to rely on the JavaScript component to do anything, making it unfriendly to users without JavaScript.
  • Unit tests aren't auto-discovered, nor manually registered. It does have tests, but those aren't run by the CI. The tests themselves fail, there is a broken method call in Convert2Wiki\Formats\Text.

Thanks @Mainframe98. I agree that with the indicated issues it is better to archive. Closing this as declined.