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Design and implement an API for "citation needed" tag recommendation
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Based on the models developed in T199187, create an API that can, given a sentence and the title of its section in a Wikipedia article, recommend whether it should contain a citation or not.

  • T228816 - Run a series of interviews, office hours, or surveys to gather volunteer editor community's input on citation needed template recommendations. The result of this work will inform the specifications of an API (to be developed) to surface citation needed recommendations as well as future directions for this research.
  • Implement and Test API

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Miriam created this task.Jul 18 2019, 3:43 PM
Capt_Swing updated the task description. (Show Details)Jul 23 2019, 11:23 PM

@Miriam I created a subpage for work on the API. I plan to publish my research work on this page, but we can use it for other design documentation/project tracking too. We can also move the page or change the name if you don't like it.

Just a note that I move the design research project plan to a different subpage, for clarity:

leila added a subscriber: Aklapper.

@Aklapper I'd like to still keep the "Research" tag/project on these tasks as it works better with our current workflows. (we only check one board for our day-to-day work and that's Research and it's good to not lose tasks from it.) Sorry for reverting your change on this one and a few other tasks in advance.