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Missing ( | ) around talk/contribs in previously deleted warning
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Steps to reproduce:

Result (log entries copied, relevant part highlighted):
14:14, 19 July 2019 CambridgeBayWeather talk contribs deleted page User:Michael Charles Rockefeller (U2: Userpage or subpage of a nonexistent user) (thank)
18:53, 18 July 2019 Emilie2606 talk contribs moved page User:Michael Charles Rockefeller to User:Emilie (revert) (thank)

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Uhm, working for me. Those links are within parentheses, and pipe-separated.

I'm using english and vector -

When viewing message names (uselang=qqx), I see:
14:14, 19 (july) 2019 (logentry-delete-delete: CambridgeBayWeather (talkpagelinktext) (contribslink), CambridgeBayWeather, User:Michael Charles Rockefeller) (parentheses: U2: Userpage or subpage of a nonexistent user) (parentheses: (thanks-thank: DannyS712, CambridgeBayWeather))
18:53, 18 (july) 2019 (logentry-move-move: Emilie2606 (talkpagelinktext) (contribslink), Emilie2606, User:Michael Charles Rockefeller, User:Emilie) (parentheses: (revertmove)) (parentheses: (thanks-thank: DannyS712, Emilie2606))

What should be shown is: (parentheses-start)(talkpagelinktext) (pipe-separator)(contribslink)(parentheses-end)

Still working for me with this link.

What should be shown is: (parentheses-start)(talkpagelinktext) (pipe-separator)(contribslink)(parentheses-end)

Yep, I'm seeing that.

Maybe it could be some userscript/style?

Nope, I set safemode=1

@Aklapper and there is also T224650: Parentheses and pipe separators missing on Special:AdvancedReviewLog that I opened over a month ago that is still happening

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Uhm, working for me. Those links are within parentheses, and pipe-separated.

That's weird. I confirm what @DannyS712 says. Can you screenshot?

@DannyS712, can you verify this on enwiki beta ( I can't reproduce this there. If you can't as well, this would be a dupe of T227190.

It does not happen at the link you provided. Furthermore, it doesn't happen at (submit rather than edit) either, so I think you're right about T227190.

Huh, it's not weird. I don't use visual editor, that's why I couldn't reproduce it.

Ah, that explains it :-).

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