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Using wikidata to define article links in MediaWiki:Babel-portal
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At the moment, the extension does not offer users to use links to articles on MediaWiki:Babel-portal. Although almost all Wikipedia tries to make links from the language code to an article about this language. Therefore, in the old template scheme, you had to set the links manually, and in the new one, use third-party modules that are not everywhere. A couple of years ago we allowed the use of the parser on MediaWiki:Babel-portal, but it seems to me that this is not enough (T34398). For Wikimedia projects, links should be used via wikidata to an article about the language.

Current situation

Expected situation

By default, for foundation projects, templates created using an extension should automatically create a link to the required article. If the article does not exist, then the link is removed.

This update will allow you to quickly transfer all fund projects to this extension.