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[patch] SQLite install does not check database existence
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check db file existence in mw installer.

When installing MediaWiki@57115 with SQLite support, the installer does not check if the database file exist.

The attached patch:

  • check the file exist before checking its writable status
  • correct a minor typo when writing the 'ok' status.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: minor




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Hmm, why should it need to create the DB first? As SQLite is stateless and permissionless, it doesn't need any special procedure for database setup. It makes sense to keep the current behaviour that creates the database file transparently if it doesn't exist yet, just like MySQL installer creates the needed database on its own.

With r57115 on Mac OSX, it did not create the database. That's why I added a warning message, it is better than the "Wiki has a problem" page.

I will have a look at the root issue.

Still trying to track the issue. I am kind of new to Mac OS, so that's a bit hard to track for me.