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Martin: System and Programs onboarding
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This is a list that grows as we learn about the preparation steps needed for onboarding a research scientist. There will be a separate task to capture the steps in onboarding itself.

  • Fill out OIT/Facilities On-boarding Form
  • Prepare a document for onboarding laying out all the steps that need to be taken for a successful onboarding.
  • Orientation Planner by HR: reviewed and confirmed.

An incomplete list of onboarding items. To be finalized by September 6.

Introduction to Wikimedia Movement

Data and systems


  • FY20: Knowledge Integrity @leila
  • FY20: Address Knowledge Gaps @leila
  • Foundational

Coordination channels

  • mailing lists / chat @leila
  • calendar, recurring meetings and in-person events @leila
  • phabricator @leila

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I have marked all items as done and that's because we have scheduled almost all of them or have taken a note about them in Martin's plans for the first 3 months. We will track progress towards them in that doc. I will leave this task open until all those tasks are completed, likely by November 2019.

This is now done. There are a few touch-points with folks in Product that were involved in the first and second onboarding project that MGerlach worked on and those are not required steps for closing this task.