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Template broken when parameter contains -{
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When a template parameter does contain -{ string, connection between opening {{ and closing }} of this template is lost. The template is not identified as a template any more, and not expanded any longer.

Example: real article and isolated test cases.

April 2019 an edit by a chemist has been made. At this time most probably it has been rendered correctly, otherwise it would have been reported.

Invisible control characters have been removed by bot in March 2019, but none has been placed between - and { before and might have influenced parsing.

<nowiki/> or HTML entity does remedy.

Editors of German Wikipedia discovered that on 10 August 2019.

rMW / includes/parser/Parser.php does mention -{ several times

  • StringUtils::delimiterExplode() line 5235 as of December 2016
  • in galleries line 5251 as of December 2017
  • inside STRIP markers line 1190 as of 2008, harmless

None of these seems to be directly responsible.