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wpSummary: A random browser extension sets it to autocomplete="off"
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With Firefox I get a list of autocomplete values after click into c input field. Chrome did the same some versions ago.

With the recent Version of go I find autocomplete="off" after click Ctrl+Shift+I in wpSummary field with Chrome. In Firefox is no autocomplete attribute, and default is autocomplete="on"

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Sorry about the blame for Chrome. It was an extension to detect and prevent cross site scripting. Autocomplete = "off" is set if an explicit autocomplete = "on" is missing

Jdforrester-WMF renamed this task from wpSummary: Chrome sets it to autocomplete="off" to wpSummary: A random browser extension sets it to autocomplete="off".Aug 20 2019, 1:35 PM
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Presumably we should Invalid this?

I find an explicit autocomplete = "on" for fields where XSS is risk-free (no personal information, ...) useful. With wpSummary autocomplete = "on" makes sense. Autocomplete = "off" could be a better default setting for all input fields where autofill does not help the users. Login data can be handled by default browser autofill settings, as it is.

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There's no real connection, as far as I can see, between XSS and personal information, or between XSS and autocomplete. I don't understand why a browser extension trying to prevent XSS would disable autocomplete. The default value for autocomplete is on, and it makes little sense to explicitly set autocomplete="on" on almost all form fields. In addition, MediaWiki already sets autocomplete="on" on almost every <form> it generates, so there's no reason to also set it on each field (except for browser extensions messing with things, but I don't think it makes sense to design around those).