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Enable Reviewer, autoreviewer and rollback rights in Tatar Wikipedia
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Please enable Reviewer, autoreviewer and rollback user rights in the Tatar Wikipedia ( like in Russian Wikipedia per discussion:Википедия:Тавыш_бирү:Беренчел_тикшерү

  1. All sysops must automatically have Reviewer and autoreviewer rights (there edits to reviewed pages must be marked as "reviewed automatically").
  2. Reviewing must be enabled like in Russian Wikipedia.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

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Frhdkazan added subscribers: Ency, Amire80, Kaganer and 3 others.

Please consider carefully the damage that turning this mechanism on might have on already unstable project that has POV & copyright violation issues, caused or kept by the one initiating this request.

@Derslek , who is the most ardent copyvio creator in ttWP ( - list of disclosed and proven violations either manually or using, Tatar).

This user is a sole unelected bureaucrat, who he has proven himself ready ( , Russian, 2016-2019)

  • to block without previous discussion, threaten blocking and otherwise harrassing others disagreeing with him,
  • to ignore mediation comments of uninvolved Russian-speaking members of either Wikimedia Russia/Wikipedias in the languages of Russia (@Kaganer ), Russian Wikinews (@Krassotkin ), Wikimedia Polska (@Ency ) or Wikimedia Foundation (@Amire80 )
  • to stay silent for long enough periods, then recreating copyvio materials or otherwise re-engaging in edit wars
  • to manipulate non-Tatar speakers like @Ilya2015 - that's why this segment was documented in Russian.
Urbanecm removed Aklapper as the assignee of this task.
Urbanecm added a subscriber: Urbanecm.

@Frhdkazan Please note that Phabricator is not place for discussion about such changes, appropriate on-wiki venue should be used for that. Also, please do not change assignees without discussing with whoever you assign to the task.

@Derslek I'm sorry, but we currently do not accept any more wikis to install FlaggedRevs on. The extension is very troublesome, and puts very high amount of work on the system administrators. As such, I decline this task, pursuant to limits to configuration changes policy.

FYI only (no action required):

my comment above, and translation thereof together with response by @Urbanecm into Russian (Russian)

was immediately revenged by @Derslek with permanently banning me from Tatar Wikipedia citing classifying my actions as "destructive behavior" (Russian). See my Username in the [[w:tt:Special:BlockList]]

@Derslek If your community wants just rollback, create a new task, that's fine, of course.