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be-tarask links don't work
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Any link to the object page in Biełarusan Wikipedia (taraškievica) is broken. Because it looks like be_x_old instead of be-tarask or at least be-x-old. See for example Палацава-паркавы комплекс Дзяконскіх (Каштанаўка).

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Link to be-tarask wiki still doesn't work. It looks like [[|Палацава-паркавы комплекс Дзяконскіх (Каштанаўка)]] instead of Палацава-паркавы комплекс Дзяконскіх (Каштанаўка).

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Current WLM team cannot update back-end entries in Monumental.

@Effeietsanders is the suggested error easy to fix, or should I close it as declined?
(Yep, old task - I know, but still: if it's easy to fix I'll leave it open)

I think this is a good one to track. Should be easy to fix, once someone takes over maintenance of Monumental.