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user_newtalk table is missing a primary key
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The [[ | user_newtalk table]], used to store the IDs or IP addresses of users whose talk pages have been changed, is missing a primary key.

Table definition follows:

-- Stores notifications of user talk page changes, for the display
-- of the "you have new messages" box
CREATE TABLE /*_*/user_newtalk (
  -- Key to user.user_id
  user_id int unsigned NOT NULL default 0,
  -- If the user is an anonymous user their IP address is stored here
  -- since the user_id of 0 is ambiguous
  user_ip varbinary(40) NOT NULL default '',
  -- The highest timestamp of revisions of the talk page viewed
  -- by this user
  user_last_timestamp varbinary(14) NULL default NULL
) /*$wgDBTableOptions*/;

Please add a primary key or unique index to the table.

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Looking at the design of this table, it seems that once the actor migration finishes (T167246), it may be possible to replace the user_id / user_ip field duo here with an actor_id reference, which could then naturally serve as a primary key.