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Syntax highlight replaces spaces between template parameter and equal sign by non-breaking spaces
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  • Chrome on Android,
  • desktop version,
  • any Wikipedia (checked on English, Russian and French),
  • wiki-code editor,
  • syntax highlight enabled,
  • both logged-in and anonymous, including in Private mode.

How to reproduce:

  • open any article with infobox,
  • put the cursor in the end of any parameter value,
  • print anything.

What happens:

  • the cursor will transfer to the next line,
  • spaces before equal sign will be replaced by non-breaking spaces.

Usually "space - space - space - space" are replaced by "space - nbsp - space - nbsp", see as an example.

Mediawiki considers "param space nbsp" as different from "param space space" = "param" (see and, so infobox mysteriously ignores parameter, although visually everything is all right.

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Which exact Chrome version? Does this also happen with another web browser?

Chrome 77.0.3865.92 on Android 9, but I meet this problem at least since October 2018. It does not happen neither in Firefox on the same Android, nor in Chrome on Windows.

TheDJ added a subscriber: TheDJ.

"syntax highlight enabled" so this is about the CodeMirror editor syntaxhighlighting and not about the wikicode content highlighting with <syntaxhighlight> feature.