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feedback flows of Wikidata and the Wikibase ecosystem
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Problem: The system composed by Wikidata, its sister projects, the rest of the Wikibase ecosystem and other platforms that use data from Wikidata lacks the efficient information exchange mechanisms that are necessary to enrich Wikidata and Wikibase with feedback from their users, even from Wikidata editors, and react to possible problems. When someone cannot, or does not know, how to fix an issue or apply an improvement to Wikidata or the software, this person should be able to easily and efficiently request someone else to take care of it. Today not even the self-contained information flows in Wikidata are consistent: we have pages whose titles are their targets (e.g., Administrators' noticeboard, Bureaucrats' noticeboard...) and pages whose titles are the problems they deal with (e.g., Requests for deletions), and it's not obvious for a newcomer what page to write on. For some cases, between different projects we directly don't have anything in mind to manage feedback.

The following table could be a starting point to think about what would be the best (easiest and most efficient) mechanism, not necessarily the existing one, that people from a certain project should follow to ask for attention depending on their needs.

when people from...
WikidataWikipediaexternal Wikibasethird-party platform
... need...
to change certain data on Wikidata and they can do it:direct editingWikidata-BridgeTBDT108292
to change certain data on Wikidata but they cannot do it:T229100Wikidata-Bridge + T229100TBDT108292
to import a dataset into Wikidata and maintain it:TBDTBDTBDTBD
to stop Wikidata vandalism:TBDTBDTBDTBD
to report a bug:T235378TBDT235378TBD
guidance or general assistance about Wikidata or Wikibase:TBDTBDTBDTBD