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Multiple issues with translation units, the translate extension seems to be broken in some way
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At first I changed this translation, but for some reason it didn't update the target page.

The next day I tried to fix another translation by replacing the paragraph with a single word - "Захист" (the original text said "Protection"), but my edit didn't show in the edit history of that translation unit. Somehow it did save my translation (see here), but the last diff shows a change to a completely different text content (see here). That diff says that it has been reverted to the last version by... but the last version had only one word - "Захист". I have no idea where that chunk of text comes from, and why it does display that way in that page history.

Also, whenever I try to translate that message again, it either doesn't do anything, or does something like this to the target page (I made several attempts): 1, 2. Every time it says "Replaced content with "Захист"", but as you can see from the diffs, there's no such word in the changes made. (Instead, this edit was intended.)

Please see my latest contributions for a reference. Try to reproduce this by doing this:

  1. Go here
  2. Find the units saying "Protection" or "Welcome!" in the source text
  3. Replace the existing translation with "Захист" or "Ласкаво просимо!", accordingly
  4. Open the page history of the translation unit (for "Protection" and for "Welcome!") or just refresh the page you're on.
  5. Repeat from step 1.

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What Piramidion described looks like one and the same issue for me: he is not able to save his edit because there is no change to save: the content of the unit is already correct (to assume that page history of the translation unit is correct); there is no edit in page history of the translation unit that corresponds to the wrongly shown content, we just 'see' it.

@Ata That's a good point. Though I'm seeing the chunk of text instead of a single word in this message (yesterday it said just "Захист", while the chunk of text was visible in the history only). Also it doesn't explain how that exact chunk of text ended up here (it is displayed on the target page now in the header where the "Welcome!" message should be)

I'm closing this task in favor of the two other tasks I have mentioned. Work is happening there.