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Requesting new Gerrit repository for XSL extension
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Hi, I'm User:Freephile and I'm trying to revive an extension last modified in 2008. The old extension author is Michael Eagar. He probably worked at KitWare, but there are no contact details. My consulting client is about the only organization using this extension, and we need to upgrade the wiki to REL1_33. Therefore, I'm undertaking the task of modernizing the extension code. You can see my work in progress at

The old extension had it's code in a wiki page, so there was no repository. I'd very much like to have this extension hosted in gerrit.

Can you please create a repository and/or gerrit group (called Extension:XSL?) and grant me write permission?

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Aklapper renamed this task from Request new repository for XSL extension to Requesting new Gerrit repository for XSL extension.Oct 30 2019, 3:51 PM

@freephile Done. Created as and set you as owner. I added a .gitreview file we use 'round here for the git-review plugin. Do you wish the contents of imported over there? Regards.

I uploaded the code. I also posted in IRC looking for a reviewer. Not sure what else I should do. Thanks for your help.

@freephile I'm closing this task as resolved, given that the repository is created. You should be able to merge in the repository as well. I've asked our continuous-integration bot to check the uploaded code by the way. Best regards.