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Opt in - remove from suppression list
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It came up on another ticket that we are now putting people who have seen but not selected 'Opt in' on the suppression list. @CCogdill_WMF pointed out there is only a manual process at the moment to take them off again. However, it seems likely that we will get quite a volume of these & will need a proper process

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Thanks for opening the ticket! If there's an API call to IBM to remove
people on the suppression list, that would be our best bet, though I don't
know if that exists. Should I ask our consultants?

Yes - might as well ask the question!

Here are the API details!

First make a RemoveRecipient on your Master Suppression List, LIST_ID





    <EMAIL> </EMAIL>




Then make an UpdateRecipient in this format:














Don’t opt back in users that reported email as abuse or hard bounce, and
only after being opted out for 90 days.

Ccing @KHaggard so she can track changes to the imports as a result of this
task (when completed).