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Add filters to tables in articles
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Forwarding a wish from a reader of German Wikipedia:

Some articles have very long tables. It would be helpful if those tables can be filtered. (They can already be sorted, but filtering would be even more helpful.)

This is a very long table and it would help readers to filter the table, e.g. by "Bundesland".

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I've removed the two projects because this was a comment that a reader passed on to me. It was not coming through our Technical Wishes process and wasn't voted on in a survey.
@Aklapper Do you know which team / tag this might belong to?

@JStrodt_WMDE: I'm not convinced that this is needed. I'd click the header of the "Bundesland" column to sort the table content by it, then scroll to where that Bundesland starts. To keep / restore the previous sort defined by some other column, I'd use shift when clicking that other column header (see T43926).