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Prep new partners for launch
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The current list of first-round Proxy and Bundle partners is as follows:

Proxy (application still required)

  1. Alexander Street Press
  2. American Psychiatric Association
  3. American Psychological Association
  4. BioOne
  5. BMJ
  6. Cambridge University Press
  7. EDP Sciences
  8. Érudit
  9. Fold3
  10. Future Science
  11. Gale
  12. IWA Publishing
  13. Loeb Classical Library
  14. MIT Press Journals
  15. Numerique Premium
  16. Rock's Backpages
  17. Royal Society of Chemistry
  18. The Royal Society
  19. Springer Nature
  20. Taylor & Francis

Library Bundle

  1. Annual Reviews
  2. Cairn
  3. CEEOL
  4. EBSCO
  5. Edinburgh University Press
  6. Foreign Affairs
  7. HeinOnline
  8. ICE Publishing
  9. JSTOR
  10. OpenEdition
  11. Oxford University Press
  12. ProQuest
  13. Women Writers Online
  14. World Bank

We have soft-launched three publishers (T234612). All others should be setup and ready-to-go in the Library Card (i.e. pages created, external URL set). We just need to review that our EZProxy is configured correctly for each, and then follow our switchover steps on the day.

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How many partners are going to be enrolled in the proxy bundle?

To be finalized, but expecting at least a dozen in each of proxy and bundle.

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Jason will need to do a final review of EZProxy configs to ensure the above is accurately reflected.

I've taken a first stab at this. currently awaiting oclc deployment. I may need to rekey twlight on staging for this to be happy.

We just need to flip the relevant admin switches when code is deployed to production.

OCLC "we're sorry" errors on: American Psychological Association, BMJ, BioOne, Loeb, Rock's. Host needed error on: EDP Sciences, IWA, Numerique. (Some not changed yet)

I didn't get "we're sorry" for any of those partners, which is odd.

Host Neededs look to be ezproxy config TODOs for @jsn.sherman

Today host needed error on: Alexander Street, CEEOL, Fold3, Electronic Enlightenment, EDP Sciences, IWA, Investment Claims, Numerique, Oxford Art, Oxford Bibliographies, Oxford Competition Law, Oxford Constitutional Law, Oxford Handbooks, Oxford Public International Law, Oxford Music, Oxford Legal Research Library. We're sorry on: American National Biography, ODNB, Oxford Journals, Oxford Reference, Oxford Scholarship. Login screens on: APA Psycnet, EBSCO, Rock's

Are "we're sorry" errors ezproxy 403 (access denied) errors? Did you try loggging out of ezproxy and logging back in after authorization?
Also, I can see that my "this is done" statement was incorrect. I was only looking at the bundle list because bundle.

"We're sorry" is the OCLC error: "We are sorry, but your account does not have access to this resource. If you think you have reached this screen in error or have questions about the resource you were trying to reach, please contact your library."

+Érudit, I missed them from the original list.