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Investigate large tiff files not uploading
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We encountered some files in this batch that cannot be uploaded as they all generate a API error stashfailed: This file did not pass file verification error.

What we know:

  • Error occurs both in the upload wizard and via the API (tried pattypan and batchuploadtools)
  • Error affects tiff files above a certain size, ca 200 MB. We're working with a batch of 500 scans, and files smaller than that have been uploaded. What the remaining files (ca 200 of them) have in common is that they are 200-300 MB in size.

Event Timeline

Discussed this with @Lokal_Profil and posted a question, with example file, on Developer support forum and Commons forum.

Tracking the underlying problem in T240455. As for the impact on the project – 202 files are affected, and since the pattypan spreadsheet is already generated, I'm going to copy them to my computer and hopefully upload them at a later point, if this gets resolved.

(We talked about converting them to png as a last resort @Lokal_Profil but it turns out imagemagick on my machine runs out of memory when I try to do that... or pretty much anything with those files)

Lokal_Profil closed this task as Resolved.Dec 16 2019, 10:48 AM