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VE can't edit further items on list whose first part comes from a template
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when the first part of a list is supplied by a template, and the rest as wikicode in the page itself, visual editor fail to edit the list


{{Ve list bug}}
* item 3
* item4
  • open the same page for visual editing, and try to edit the list

clicking on the 1st or 2nd item in the list should bring the edit-template form, and this should highlight only the 2 first items. the rest of the list should be editable

clicking anywhere in the list brings the template editor (in the demo, the template does not have templatedata, and does not take parameters anyway, so basically, the user can't touch this list)

this sounds like pretty esoteric issue, but on hewiki, this is a very common pattern, especially in "external links" section: we have numerous templates which suck stuff from wikidata, and populate external links, and immediately below that, more external links are added as wiki-code. this bug prevents editors using VE from editing those lists.


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on further examination, it's a bit more complicated than than.

it seems that the whole of "edit list" when the list uses templates (more precisely: when some of the items in the list are returned by templates, inclusing the "*") is borked and unusable in VE.

it is unfortunate that my practical examples are on hewiki, and most ppl dealing with bugs, specifically in VE do not read hebrew.

i will try to find something that demonstrates why is this a problem on enwiki ,

but until then, try to edit the "external links" ("קישורים חיצוניים") section using VE and source editor inאתרוג


Hi @eranroz, you are correct this is a duplicate.