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Add "Author" namespace to Telugu Wikisource
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Author: rakeshvaram

Please enable Pseudo namespaces "Author" and "Author talk" in Telugu wikipedia

Author - రచయిత
Author Talk - రచయిత చర్చ

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Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 10:56 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz22283.

rakeshvaram wrote:

Sorry, I meant Telugu Wikisource, not Telugu Wikipedia.

Please show a link to community consensus for this change.

rakeshvaram wrote:

This change has been discussed and approved in the teluguwiki google group (the official group of Telugu wikipedians) in the following thread.

Some Author pages have also been created in the wikisource, with the namespace రచయిత (racayita) in them.


Consensus for site changes must be shown and voted for locally on the requested wiki.

Also why is the community using Google Groups for it discussions compared to the WikiMedia mailing lists that are provided?

rakeshvaram wrote:

The google group is more for helping newbies, and less for gathering consensus.

Will organize a consensus gathering for a set of changes on the wikis locally, in a short time.


rakeshvaram wrote:

Poll results can be seen here.

Hence please add

Author రచయిత
Author Talk రచయిత చర్చ
Portal ద్వారము
Portal Talk ద్వారము చర్చ

jeluf wrote:


    'tewikisource' => array(
    	100 => 'ద్వారము', //Portal
		101 => 'ద్వారము_చర్చ',
    	102 => 'రచయిత', //Author
		103 => 'రచయిత_చర్చ', 
        104 => 'పేజీ', // Page
        105 => 'పేజీ_చర్చ', // Page_talk

rakeshvaram wrote:

Could you please change,
'పేజీ' (Page) to 'పుట'
'పేజీ_చర్చ' (Page_talk) to 'పుట_చర్చ'

As the original 'పేజీ' is just the English word 'page' written in Telugu. You can see the consensus for this at.

jeluf wrote:


Index: InitialiseSettings.php

  • InitialiseSettings.php (revision 1257)

+++ InitialiseSettings.php (working copy)
@@ -2353,6 +2353,8 @@

'tewikisource' => array(
    'Page' => 104,
    'Page_talk' => 105,

+ 'పేజీ' => 104,
+ 'పేజీ_చర్చ' => 105,

'tkwiktionary' => array(
	'Wiktionary' => NS_PROJECT,

@@ -4231,8 +4233,8 @@

		101 => 'ద్వారము_చర్చ',
    	102 => 'రచయిత', //Author
		103 => 'రచయిత_చర్చ',
  • 104 => 'పేజీ', // Page
  • 105 => 'పేజీ_చర్చ', // Page_talk

+ 104 => 'పుట', Page
+ 105 => 'పుట_చర్చ',

		106 => 'సూచిక', // Index
		107 => 'సూచిక_చర్చ',