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When wiki link is switched to external, users need to be informed via status change
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Author: nkomura

Link dialogue - Step 1

Version r61605

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click link dialogue
  2. Start typing a sample wikipedia article name
  3. Select an suggested article
  4. Switch the radio button from wiki to external web page


  1. Link status does not change
  2. Adds http:// and insert into an article
  3. The link destination is different from initial intention

Proposed solution:
Not sure what would be a good way to warn a user, but at least we need to inform a user that the link now takes him/her to unintended URL.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement


link_dialogue_wiki_link_step_1.png (373×724 px, 22 KB)



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nkomura wrote:

Link dialogue - Step 2


link_dialogue_wiki_link_step_2.png (350×696 px, 18 KB)

amiller1 wrote:

Trevor asked me to fix this yesterday by updating the status to say "External Link" when the switch is made by clicking on the radio button. I'll work on this fix now.

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This was fixed at some point in time. It now switches the status to the external link image after switching.