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Set up SRE FY2019-20 Q3 OKRs for weekly tracking
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Business Need

  • Populate the FY20Q3 SRE Weekly status tracking doc with an accurate and appropriately detailed list of Os and KRs


Event Timeline

Out of scope:

out of scope pending clearer tooling and process guidance

  • “Show all of the SRE OKRs”
    • Defined by a repeatable process
      • from authoritative source (BetterWorks)
        • defined as single root node?
        • defined as all OKRs belonging to any SRE staff?
    • Apply filtering/rollup
      • stored in Airtable
      • or a google sheet
    • provide count of filtered items
  • "Show all of the KRs for quarterly tracking, grouped by Objective"
    • All in one page
    • detail view (as per existing doc detailed view)

out of scope pending clearer tooling and process guidance

  • re-sync this with BetterWorks
    • maintain a permanent mapping between BetterWorks, the Monday document, Airtable, and the Tech Department reporting list
    • identify stuff that doesn't map directly, but should get rolled up somehow (smaller KRs, Phab tasks)
    • figure out what changes to recommend in BetterWorks OKRs to purge the cruft (this information will be captured in the mapping)
    • push all that back into BetterWorks
  • sync back to Airtable again
  • Maintain it in a Google Doc for a few weeks at least
  • Replace the Google doc with something more automatic :)
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