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Pageviews for "Special:Contributions/USERNAME" not working: "Error querying Pageviews API - Not found"
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Pageviews for Contribution pages stopped working a half a year ago. It was very useful as an indicator for hounding claims.

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Indeed it seems around July 22, pageviews to Special:Contributions stopped being recorded

I'm guessing it stopped recording certain kinds of pageviews, because Special:Watchlist for instance is still getting some, but there was a huge drop-off around July 22:

This is on the Analytics-side, not Tool-Pageviews, so I'm removing the tag. Thanks for the report!

There were many Special:X pages that were counted as pageviews (content consumption) when they should not had been so. This included pages like Special:Export (essentially a script) and also Special:confirmEmail (not a "page" in any way) . We removed most of them and just kept a small list of pages that are still counted. We do not disagree that counting views of "Special:Contributions/USERNAME" might not be useful, the point we are trying to make is that most Special:page pageviews should not be counted towards"wikipedia's content consumption" which is the intent of the Pageview definition. See: (and ya , we are fully aware that what gets defined as content is not 100% clear).

You can contribute to the future whitelist of Special:Page pages that denote "content contributions" that should be counted: T240676: Develop a consistent rule for which special pages count as pageviews

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