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Change (+0545) to (NPT) on newiki
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This is a follow up task of T244205. After changing the timezone to 'Asia/Kathmandu' i.e. Nepal Standard Time (NPT) on newiki, the signature everywhere has (+0545) instead of (UTC) and that's okay. The thing is we wanted (NPT) instead of (+0545). So, would you please look into the issue here?

Signature test: newiki - User:Tulsi_Bhagat/Sandbox

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I've looked into this; +0545 is the value given to us by PHP via setTimezone( new DateTimeZone('Asia/Kathmandu' ) ), and they don't have an entry for NPT. To fix this properly, this would need a patch upstream in PHP for us to get NPT back from them, but for now I've created for you which "fixes" it (but only for Nepalese Wikipedia, sorry).

Jdforrester-WMF claimed this task.

If you want a proper fix, please re-open!

Could T238851 be a similar underlying issue?

Could T238851 be a similar underlying issue?

I think it's the same thing: (this is PHP 7.3.8 )

php > $dt = new DateTime();
php > $dt->setTimeZone( new DateTimeZone('Asia/Dhaka') );
php > echo $dt->format('T');