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New Custom Field - Opt Out Endowment Emails
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Hi - Jason needs a way to track donors who are asking to be opted out of only Endowment related emails. I added a custom field to the Communication block
"Endowment Email Opt Out"

We'd love for this to eventually be used along the same lines as the Bulk Opt Out field and added to the communication preferences. We can use this only temporarily if there is a better place to put it in the future.

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Update: I forgot to make it a yes/ no option so I disabled the first custom field since it wouldn't let me edit it and created "Endowment: Opt Out"

Thanks, Nora! This is a good argument for the preference center for sure.

Just to be sure, are these folks opting out of Endowment emails, or Planned
Giving emails specifically?

The preference fields are in a core table - they added all those before they realised that they were never going to meet every need with core fields & switched to custom field - but hopefully you can add the custom field visually to the same block with a contact layout @NNichols

Also per @CCogdill_WMF's question - I guess that leads to 'how should this field interact with Silverpop'

If possible, I think it should be opting out of Planned Giving emails.

Okay so I'm going to create two fields then. The Endowment Email Opt Out and PG Email Opt Out. Does anyone have objections to there being two fields here?

@NNichols there is no hard rule here - but groups or tags are also options, especially if these are not going to be last 2

Eileenmcnaughton subscribed.

is this still an issue?

In Civi, we do have an Endowment Opt Out field, as well as a Planned Giving Opt out, so I think we're set here.

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