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Graphic does not display all participants
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This has been reported by an unhappy participant...
A significant part of the participants do not appear on the graphical final result

Here is the link to the campaign where this was observed :

I count 1247 contributions on the graphics (adding all contributions listed)

It should be 1519 according to the figures of participants. So nearly 300 participants are not mentionned.

Looking at the csv report, all names are listed and the total is 1519.

But the contributions of several participants are nowhere to be seen on the graphic.
This is the case of
Ciel missing
Jaime Tuber
And Zytheme also missing

Note that those names are not the "least" participants. Some are amongst the top 5

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taavi subscribed.

Assuming this is about ISA.

I've noticed the same bug in campaign 77. If I look at the stats not all are there it shows 39, but says the total is 113: but when I download the csv, all contributions are shown.
Also, it doesn't show on the first page, which lead to participants being confused on what they were doing wrong.

Anthere triaged this task as High priority.Jan 18 2024, 7:33 PM