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Add Authentication/Encryption to Kafka Jumbo's clients
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Tracking task to list all the work to do to add encryption/authentication to Kafka Jumbo clients. The motivations are multiple:

  • PII data in transit from various links should be encrypted. Cross-DC links are especially problematic since we consider them not trusted.
  • Consumers should trust a Kafka topic broker using TLS, to avoid any man of the middle attack.
  • Consumers of PII data should be authenticated via TLS or SASL/GSS-API/Kerberos (the latter seems the best option).

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Status update: we added encryption to various Kafka Jumbo clients (netflow, eventgate-analytics, kafkatee, mirror-maker, etc..) but we are still not able to move forward with authentication due to T250148 (complex task that will probably mean to replace Camus for data ingestion from Kafka to HDFS).

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