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Data corruption when a included template has a unclosed wikitable (fostered Lint error)
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Steps to reproduce :

  1. Create a template with an unclosed wikitable (example) ;
  2. Include it on another page ;
  3. Reply with the Reply tool ;
  4. Refresh ;
  5. Data corruption: discussions are overwritten by duplication of the unclosed wikitable (see reported bug). It may erase all the wikitext before another wikitable is encountered.

See Help:Lint errors/fostered for context.

Note: I tried without the template and used directly the wikitext of the template, and I could not reproduce the bug (see this rev on my personnal page).

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I think this is the same as T246481, which we've been working on, and actually merged a patch last week.

Unfortunately we won't be able to support replying on pages affected by this problem, but now the reply tool will display an error message with some guidance on how to fix the wikitext to allow the tool to work again, and it should no longer make any edits that duplicate or erase content.

You should be able to test how it works after the next deployment on Thursday (or on Beta Cluster right now).