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LiquidThreads on sv.wikisource
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Author: lars

The Swedish Wikisource community wants to install LiquidThreads,
according to the discussion atötesplatsen#Liquid_Threads

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Severity: enhancement



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jeluf wrote:

Do you want to have wgLqtTalkPages or wgLiquidThreadsAllowUserControlNamespaces enabled or disabled?

lars wrote:

I totally don't know. Maybe we should start
with TalkPages and take the rest later?

The background is that our little sleeping
project recently got some more activity,
and now we want to be on the bleeding edge.
Pathetic? Yes, maybe. But it's a small project
and any conversion could be easily managed.
It could serve as a useful pilot for other
Swedish language projects.

The implementation should probably be discussed and community consensus reached as well.

lars wrote:

Last month, the Swedish Wikisource had 4 active users.
This month it might rise to 10 active users.

Which document should I bring back to the community,
to explain what our options are?

lars wrote:

sv.wikisource has 17,410 pages total (all namespaces, including redirects), of which 739 are talk pages (talk, user talk, page talk, etc.). I think I could convert them in a couple of afternoons.

Can someone explain what wgLiquidThreadsAllowUserControlNamespaces is?

Can someone explain what wgLiquidThreadsAllowUserControlNamespaces is?

lars wrote:

Yes, this is what Wikinews has, and we want the same for the Swedish Wikisource. I didn't know there was another way.

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

Werdna, is LQT ready for this?

The situation is approximately the same as with the Hungarian Wikipedia. That is, there are a few adjustments we'd like to make before further deployments, and after that we'd like to initially work with single-page or limited-scope pilot installations prior to a full-scale deployment on any other content wiki.

lars wrote:

The Swedish Wikisource has 4,214 articles, a total of 21,343 pages.
We're a small, upstart community ready to try new things.
(In comparison, the Hungarian Wikipedia has 161,911 articles
and a total of 535,368 pages.)

I got home from the Wikimedia chapter meeting in Berlin, all eager
to try LiquidThreads. Now nothing has happened in more than a month.
At Wikimania, six weeks from now, I'll tell people about all the
exciting new things we're doing in the Swedish Wikisource. It would
be nice to have LiquidThreads on that list.

Now ready to do it, but I need the localised namespace names.