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Request to add RedWarn to AutoEdits
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1234qwer1234qwer4 renamed this task from Request to add tool to AutoEdits to Request to add RedWarn to AutoEdits.May 24 2020, 1:57 PM
1234qwer1234qwer4 moved this task from Backlog to Automated Edits on the XTools board.

Should add, the tool uses both undo and rollback in the latest versions. Still can be distinguished by (RedWarn *) in the edit summary and a link to [[WP:REDWARN]]

This doesn't seem to work in all cases: See the edits identified as non-automatic at

Okay, so first, RedWarn now uses the tag RedWarn (almost 40K edits according to Special:Tags). Secondly, it now uses the syntax \[\[W:en:WP:RW\|\(RW \d+\)\]\], as far as I understood from the above link. Thirdly, it seemed to use \[\[Wikipedia:REDWARN\|\(RedWarn \d+\)\]\] before, see, for example, this edit. Therefore,

regex: '\[\[WP:REDWARN\|\(RedWarn'

should be replaced by

tags: ['RedWarn']
regex: '\[\[(WP|Wikipedia):REDWARN\|\(RedWarn|\[\[W:en:WP:RW\|\(RW'

I'm not quite sure the last expression is necessary as the tag seems to have been in use already when the shortcut was introduced, but it's better to add it to make sure we catch all the edits.

@MusikAnimal This tool is used quite a lot, so maybe you could implement my suggested regex?

This still seems to be an issue, 1234qwer's RegEx should fix it.

tags: ['RedWarn']
regex: '\[\[(WP|Wikipedia):REDWARN\|\(RedWarn|\[\[W:en:WP:RW\|\(RW'

This seems to be a better way to track edits. Since RedWarn tags some edits as "undo"s, it just so happens that a lot of RedWarn's edits end up as "Undo" edits in the semi-automated tools check.

Still unresolved until now. Hopefully the new regex can finally be used soon.