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InternetArchiveBot duplicate original link on Arabic Wikipedia
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Hello, per this comment, we found that IABot put the original link again.

This bot edit. If u search about "" you'll found 2 links before (1 original + 1 archived), but after IABot edit, it's being 3 (2 original + 1 archived).

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I have investigated the cause, and it is because the archive URL snapshot is not identical to the original. If you notice that the original link points to a page number within the query, the archive URL does not. To the bot that means a different output is produced. This can be resolved by either removing the page from the original URL, or adding the page to the archive URL.

Cyberpower678 claimed this task.

I have made some changes to make this a little more intelligent in v2.0.3

Thanks @Cyberpower678, so when we can try it again on arwiki?

v2.0.3 will go live by the end of tomorrow.