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Provide a private page for each registered user
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Author: kissall

Sometimes users may want to write something online even it is not ready to be seen by
others, or anything they want to put online for personal references, reminders, logs
for work in WikiPedia that are not really suitable to be published. A private page
accessible only by the owner serves these purposes very well.

It should not cost us a fortune to provide a pivate page for volunteers. That is the
least benefit they deserve I think.

This requirement depends on managing access permission for pages in groups and
managing access previleges of users in groups, if we agreed to do so.

Implementation issues:

  • I think it is a piece of cake to privde this: adding a new tab page for User:ID

page; and set it invisible to other users.

  • We may need to remind the users the private page is not a secure area to put real

sensitive personal data.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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jeluf wrote:

Changed from "trivial" to "enhancement". Please file feature requests
as "enhancement" only.

Absolutely not. Won't do this, and won't accept patches for it. A public wiki is *not* your personal PDA.

kissall wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

Absolutely not. Won't do this, and won't accept patches for it. A public wiki is *not* your

personal PDA.

  1. A private page for each user will not make the whole wiki a personal PDA.
  2. Proving aids to users by feasible means can serve wiki better. Why not give them personal PDAs

in wiki if they want them?

  1. Your response as absolutely not is your own opinion. I value it. But it is more considerate to

decide on any suggestion after collecting more opinions from others.
Let us vote.

If you want to add personall note, consider using user subpages:


Will not patch unless there is a strong community support, so start
a vote somewhere on meta and come back here later :p