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Install font Linux Libertine
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Author: wade.penner

Install the new Wikipedia wordmark font Linux Libertine ( for SVG rendering support.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 11:02 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz23912.

Assigning this to Ariel in the assumption he knows stuff about fonts.

jeluf wrote:


The Ubuntu package linux-libertine was installed on all image scalers. This includes the following fonts:


wade.penner wrote:

Can you also install LinLibertine_Re-4.7.3.otf from the zip file? It is the actual font used for wordmark creation[[wmf:Wikimedia official marks/Word mark creation]].

I reopen the bug : as the previous comments says, the only version of the font to include the Wikipedia logo is Linux Libertine O.

Right now, a SVG uploaded on Wikimedia Commons with the glyph  is rendered as a "SS" instead of Wikipedia's W.

We upgraded all image scalers to Ubuntu Precise Pangolin last week, which includes v5.1.3 of the Libertine fonts and has among other things, switched exclusively to the OpenType variants instead of the TrueType ones (that's what "O" stands for, fwiw) and includes a lot more fonts.

Could you verify if the bug is still present? If so, could you send us the URL of such an SVG as to have a test case to make it easier for us to fix the bug?

Svgalbertian / Ash Crow:
Could you please answer comment 5 and provide a specific testcase?

If not I'll assume this has been fixed by the recent upgrade (cannot verify anyway without testcase).

I installed "Linux Libertine Display O" on my Fedora machine, created a testcase, uploaded it to

Correctly displays the Wikipedia "W". Closing as FIXED.

Created attachment 12958
SVG Testcase