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Enable Huggle on viwiki
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It would be a great idea to enable Huggle on for faster cleanup actions.. This would be very helpful for admins as well as patrollers like me. Please also see the recent discussion about the suggestion to apply for enable Huggle on viwiki atảo_luận/Đề_xuất_bật_Huggle_tại_Wikipedia_tiếng_Việt

  • Insert to meta at m:Meta:Huggle/List
  • Initial configuration
  • Create whitelist
  • Translate Project:Huggle
  • Translate Project:Huggle/Message
  • Translate strings in config
  • Update wiki specific cfg
  • Translate warn-N templates

Event Timeline

Please enable Huggle for viwiki as soon possible

MeigyokuThmn changed the subtype of this task from "Task" to "Feature Request".
MeigyokuThmn moved this task from Configuration / Misc tasks to Waiting on the Huggle board.

We need Huggle as soon as possible for anti vandalism purpose in Vietnamese Wikipedia. Please enable!

Local config located at needs to be adapted to your wiki, by someone with programming basic knowledge. See this page for explanation about the values.

Also @JohnsonLee01 you told in task description that wiki was added to huggle wiki list on meta. But I can't find it so I've updated the list just now. Could you review other items that are checked in task desc to be sure that's truly the case?

PS: Hey, all needed steeps are in the description AFIK. I don't think that having "as soon as possible" requests is appropriate here, as we're all volunteers on this page...

Hello, sorry for coming so late to the party, what exactly do you need help with right now? I can already login to viwiki using Huggle, but obviously in read-only. If you want to enable write mode, I recommend translating the edit summaries in configuration file and importing / creating the warning templates:

  • Template:huggle/warn-1
  • Template:huggle/warn-2
  • Template:huggle/warn-3
  • Template:huggle/warn-4

If you don't do that and enable write-mode Huggle will talk in English to users of viwiki, which you probably do not want to. Let me know if you need assistance with any of that. The edit summaries can be found in your config file:

You should search for "TRANSLATE ME" in your config file and translate all where you find it (then delete that comment so that only untranslated messages are left)

Also if you already have other templates that could be used, you just need to change the template names in the yaml file, you can easily find them when you search for huggle/warn-

  • Insert to meta at m:Meta:Huggle/List (Already inserted)
  • Initial configuration (Already done)
  • Create whitelist (Already done)
  • Translate Project:Huggle (Already done)
  • Translate Project:Huggle/Message (Already done)
  • Translate strings in config (Done by me - vi:User:Hide on Rosé)
  • Update wiki specific cfg (Done by me - vi:User:Hide on Rosé)
  • Translate warn-N templates (Done by JohnsonLee01)

Also, since JohnsonLee01 is globally locked, I will be taking over for JohnsonLee01.

I see that Huggle has been translated into Vietnamese for a long time now, but I don't seem to see it in the language list?