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Update references from IDEA to Fremia
Closed, ResolvedPublic1 Estimated Story PointsDec 31 2020


On January 1st 2021 IDEA merges with a second organisation and becomes Fremia.

As IDEA is mentioned in several important places (including policies) it will become important to update the documentation at this point.
Relevant hits can be found on

  • Chapter Wiki
  • Document - templates


Due Date
Dec 31 2020, 11:00 PM

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  • Document - templates
  • Employment contract updated (@Jopparn need to keep this in mind in case an existing employee gets a new contract)
  • Handbok för anställda updated (and new version uploaded)

No hits

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  • Chapter Wiki
  • All still relevant pages have been updated
  • Two policies were encountered. A note was left on the talk page of the first pinging ED and Chairperson of the Board

Policy updated per Board meeting notes