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Arnberg's expeditions on Wikidata
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In today's meeting we got an idea of creating Wikidata items for Arnberg's recording tours. Makes sense since they all have categories and there is a good source:

Look e.g. for ideas for how to describe them

The phrase 'recording expedition' seems to be the most accurate. 'Recording tour' is also used so they can be aliases.

Properties to use in items: start time, end time, destination point, participant

Event Timeline

Made an item for 'recording expedition' → Q98676693

Made an item for one participant that did not exist (don't count, counted below)

  1. Dalarna 1949
  2. Jämtland 1951
  3. Dalarna 1954
  4. Faroe 1959

Other items edited (backlinks etc)

  1. Knis Karl Aronsson (Q5594566)
  2. Bengt Hambraeus (Q817224)
  3. Matts Arnberg (Q5559459)
  4. Sture Bergel (Q98688496)
  5. Arne Arnbom (Q5559472)
  6. Carl-Allan Moberg (Q5989832)
  7. Rolf Myklebust (Q11998273)


(updated stats)

Made the most of the available data. Not all expeditions have enough specific information. I guess these will be improved as we get more audio files and information about them!