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Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE) started the Unlock Accelerator in 2019 and the first results are coming in. WMDE has stated that they would like to cooperate around an internationalization of this initiative and there might be an opportunity to organize an accelerator also in Sweden, with funding from WMDE.

To build upon WMSE's expertise and strategic plans the initial thinking is that the focus could be on supporting ideas where free knowledge and FOSS solutions directed towards content partners (e.g. GLAMs, educational or research institutions) are front and center. E.g. that the content partners use the solutions or services (i.e. are the customers/users), or that the innovation brings together material from the content partners with material from e.g. the Wikimedia projects.

Based on what we have seen from other accelerators there might be hard to find enough ideas from Sweden with a limited focus such as this. Therefor there might be a need to include applications from more countries.

A project plan will be developed around this concept, including a risk analysis for how such an addition to Wikimedia Sverige's work could affect public perception.