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Bot to transfer messages between Wikimedia Chat and IRC
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Using something like

Similar bots exists among IRC and Telegram/Discord.

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What channels? Wikidata in chat to #wikidata in freenode? We need to have a central place maintained by the community to keep the configuration.

I can confirm that the bot software mentioned above works, among other protocols seems to support IRC and I have installed it for testing a bridge between Slack and Mattermost. My intention is promote Wikimedia Chat on WMEE Slack workspace and I consider it a temporary helper bridge. As anybody can install that kind of bot I suppose the bug report is to have it running as a central service offered by Wikimedia Chat, is that right?

This bridge should be permanent (having discussion split in two place is a nightmare), unless we decided to deprecate IRC (which I strong oppose as using Freenode may mitigate the impact of an outage).

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This is done now, we have mattermost mirroring in wikidata channel between IRC and wikidata. If you need another one, let me know and I set it up.

Note: this should be a two-way bridge, not a one-way one.

Note: this should be a two-way bridge, not a one-way one.

It is a two way bridge