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Create visual permalinks for item statements and values
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Right now, there is no way to visually copy a permalink to a specific statement within an item. Some items can be rather extensive and have many statements, so it would be useful to have a way to point someone to an exact statement (or a specific value of a statement) for an item, rather than having them scroll through and search manually.

It is possible to construct such link, for example for earth, if I wanted to point someone to mass, I could make this manual link, or even link to a specific value inside a statement group like this:$7c05b6ca-4536-36c8-9847-199d4c310bdc

This would also be useful to get people used to linking specific values in statements, so that when the majority of Wikipedia (or at least the infoboxes) are drawing values straight from Wikidata, people are more familiar with this process.