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Make statement groups clickable and append property IDs to the URLs
Open, Needs TriagePublic


As a user I want to get URLs of specific statement groups of Wikidata in order to save or share them as direct links and access to the statement groups easily.




statement-block-clickable.gif (481×800 px, 119 KB)

statement-block-clickable-playing.gif (336×800 px, 136 KB)

GIVEN I am on the page of a Wikibase entity
WHEN I left click the background of a statement group
THEN the statement group is outlined
AND the property ID of the statement group is appended to the current URL and loaded

Acceptance criteria:

  • This works on all pages of Wikibase entities with statements.
  • There is at most one statement group outlined at a time.
  • No element on the page is enlarged, shrinked or moved as a consequence of this feature.
  • The statement group is outlined just when the left button is pressed, not only when it is released, i.e., the statement group is outlined when it's :target but also when it's :active (see screencasts).
  • If possible, users with Javascript disabled can fully use this feature.

Open questions:

  • Should there also be a lighter outline when the cursor is simply hovering over a statement group?