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MediaWiki Developer stores HTML output for arbitrary wikitext in the parser cache
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"As a MediaWiki Developer, I want to store the HTML output for arbitrary wikitext in the parser cache, so that when I see that wikitext again I don't have to run it through the parser again."

The Parsoid API has one endpoint that accepts wikitext as an input. I'm not sure if this is cached by RESTBase or not, but if it is, we probably need to cache it in this interface, too.

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I am not sure you want to store HTML output for arbitrary wikitext for all clients / users. That said, I can see arguments for doing so and I have made some of those myself at some times (for example of caching output of specific template invocations {{convert|x|y}} and so on). However, this could be an optional enhancement rather than being a core feature since this is not needed right now. Additionally, implementation-wise, I can imagine this getting its own storage backend with its own eviction and expiry policies. In any case, I don't consider this as something that is needed for the first MVP deliverable.

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This will not be supported by ParserCache. If there is a need for doing it eventually, we will revisit it.