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Contact releng regarding requirements for release of blubber docker images
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Can we at least be able to download the docker images from Jenkins?

Also do we distinguish between builds and releases?

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The response might spawn a new task with work to set things up. This might have an impact on the security review.

I've been asking in #wikimedia-releng a couple of times, randomly around the clock and days of week. I think they're rather busy with other stuff, but I'll send an email or give someone a call later this week if there is still no response.

And what do we do when we want to create a release/release candidate with a given version?

And when can we expect Python 3.8 in a base image? (Mishkal Python 2.7->3.8 upgrade)

20:25 <+thcipriani> kalle: sorry for the late reply, if wikispeech is already being built by blubber using CI you'll need to have CI build a production version and push that to 
                    the registry. To deploy that image you'll also need a helm chart. This documentation outlines most of the process: 
20:26 <+thcipriani> to avoid creating a production image for every commit, you can tell the pipeline to only build a new image when you tag a commit for release
20:27 <+thcipriani> in which case the image will be named after the tag, kask does this for example:
20:50 <+longma> thcipriani: kalle I do not see where the kask project tells the pipeline to only build a new image when you tag a commit for release, and I'm not aware of this 
                feature. I'm not sure it exists
20:53 <+thcipriani> longma: it's difficult to trace, but it exists (or used to, there are a few moving parts here and one may have broken recently, but there are other repos using 
                    it: eventgate-ci for example:
20:53 <+thcipriani> it's done via the publish pipeline
20:53 <+thcipriani> that's only triggered when a repo makes a change to ^refs/tags/.*$
20:53 <+thcipriani> i.e., pushes a tag
20:54 <+thcipriani>
20:57 <+thcipriani> and that works with:
20:57 <+thcipriani> to make those tags
21:00 <+longma> I see, thanks. I don't think this is currently possible with the method of using "config.yaml" in the service repo. Also it looks like it will do a publish even if 
                there is no git tag
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