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Enable Central Bikol in OpusMT labs instance
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Enable English->Central Bikol on the OpusMT test instance to allow editors to check when we inform the community.

Another pair missing is French -> Breton, so maybe adding it at the same time is more efficient than doing it later.

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It seems, has no French->Breton model available as of now.

Thanks for checking. Then I'll remove that part of the ticket. Let's do just the Central Bikol for now.

I've updated OpusMT test instance, but found that it is not really translating simple words. I'm still looking at any possible bugs with current language model. Latest model update download is broken at moment (Reported at upstream:

@Pginer-WMF I've updated instance with latest OpusMT model data now.

Fixed issue reported at upstream ( It was actually configuration issue at our instance. Translation quality is much better now.